Mentioned extension grants the possibility to browse in PiP format on all internet sites with an HTML video element. Also, it additionally provides a page action button to your browser. The button changes its color when a video element emerges on the page. When you click this button, the operating player starts in picture-in-picture format. Mentioned add-on immediately will get the operating player into picture-in-picture mode. If any player is not in operation, it is chosen from a list of idle players.

For YouTube, the mentioned add-on will also suggest an in-player button located nearby the setting button, that lets you start YouTube videos in PiP format. The extension helps you to browse through the YouTube video in a sliding window located above all other windows. That lets you change tabs but still, you can see the player. You can see play and pause buttons in the sliding window, which allow you to close picture-in-picture format anytime you wish.

What is picture-in-picture format (PiP): it provides an opportunity to start any video in PiP format, and it operates in all places. PiP format is a pop-up video player sliding on top of other windows. It is also possible to move it along the lines of the screen while performing your online activity.